804100901 EBW

804100901 EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/ - 2.5" to 6.0" Water Column Pressure Setting - -6.0" to -10.0" Water Column Vacuum Setting - 2" Vent Stack Adapter - 2" NPT - UL2583 Listed - Meets Requirements of EPA 40 CFR Part 63 for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

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804100901 EBW Defender 804 Pressure / Vacuum Vent w/ - 2.5

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EBW - Franklin Fueling

Defender Series® Pressure/Vacuum (P/V) vents regulate the pressure at which vapor is allowed to escape from the underground storage tank and the vacuum at which outside air is allowed to enter the tank. The P/V vent’s internal rolling diaphragm delivers consistent and controlled cracking for both low leak and high-pressure conditions while the superior construction of UV-resistant materials extends the overall service life. The in-line vault provides added protection and facilitates at-grade servicing and testing. This eliminates the added expense of lift trucks as well as the potential safety concerns of conducting work at height.

• The P/V vent is constructed of high-grade, UV-resistant materials and premium internal components designed and tested to last.
• A rain cap with stainless steel mesh debris shield protects the system from water and insect intrusion.
• The one-turn locking mechanism provides easy installation and removal for servicing.
• High tolerance for over-pressure situations.
• Compatible with all fuel types.
• A rolling diaphragm achieves low leak rates and high flow rates with a tight and consistent seal.
• Includes 2” NPT vent stack adapter.
• The internal female threads are compatible with OPW® vent stack adapters for easy retrofit onto existing sites.
• Compatible with manifolded vent applications.

• Pressure setting: 2.5” to 6.0” WC
• Vacuum setting: -6.0” to -10.0” WC
• Pressure leak rate: ≤ .05 CFH at +2” WC
• Vacuum leak rate: ≤ .21 CFH at -4” WC
• Maximum flow rate: 8,000 SCFH at 2 PSI
• Operating temperature: -22° to 122° F (-30° to 50° C)

• UL2583 listed.
• Meets the requirements of EPA 40 CFR part 63 for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities

Price is for ONLINE purchases only!!