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*Items marked with EXCHANGE Price indicates the final price you will pay AFTER the return of your old rebuildable core. You will receive a "CORE Return" kit upon receipt of your rebuilt product with detailed instructions on how your rebuildable core should be returned for credit. A return label is provided with the CORE Return kit.
  • DF-FSPHT-16-100 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1
    DF-FSPHT-16-100 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1" Stainless Steel Pipe. -...
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    Price:  $7,003.36 ea
    Available:  01/10/2020
  • SSP4S10304 Kennebec Supply 4
    SSP4S10304 Kennebec Supply 4" x 21' 304L Stainless Steel...
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    Price:  $449.53 ea
    Available:  01/10/2020
  • DF-FSPHT-16-150 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1
    DF-FSPHT-16-150 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1" Stainless Steel Pipe. -...
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    Price:  $9,875.91 ea
    Available:  01/04/2020
  • DF-FSPHT-16-50 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1
    DF-FSPHT-16-50 Omegaflex DEF-Trac 1" x 50' Coil Stainless Steel...
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    Price:  $4,026.93 ea
    Available:  12/26/2019
1 - 4 of 4 Items
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